Other Relevant Websites

  1. The Wall- a memorial to those who have died of heroin
  2. Australia memorial (many victims listed) Also a good information family support website tied in with it.
  3. A mothers sad tale-(Holland)
  4. From a mother who lost her son from a drug overdose. 1998
  5. Vernon Creamer memorial
  6. Ricky Stem's death in 1996. Sad Intelihealth website article . "We had talked to Ricky about sex and about drugs and about making good choices, but we never talked to him about inhaling," Here is a site set-up 1/01 by Rickys parents.
  7. Kristian Mattson Memorial
  8. Remembering Adam Memorial Site- Our Vision is for every school in North America to have a comprehensive in-depth drug awareness program that reaches every student K-12. We envision whole families and communities becoming transformed from the numbing reality of the current drug culture. Updated 01/02/01
  9. Our corner in memory to Kevin & Mike Malone (good reference and help links)
  10. Brad's page-he died celebrating his 21st birthday from alcohol poisoning .He drank 24 shots in 1 and1/2 hours! - 1999. Do you have a loved one approaching a 21st birthday? The parents of Brad will send them a birthday card reminding them of his sad story. Go here and scroll down to their link and read about the incredible good that they are doing with these cards! God Bless them for their incredible courage and strength in the face of such a tragedy.
  11. In memory of Keith Tedesco- only 18 years old!
  12. IN MEMORY OF Karen Lynn Berry Jan 28, 1981 to July 11-1998. Here's a recent article (5/15) on the efforts her parents and others are making.
  13. IN MEMORY OF TONY TERRONI II May 13, 1975 - November 1, 1997
  14. In memory of Erin Allen- What a sad story. God help us for allowing the purveyors of this horrible drug to exist.
  15. www.mothersofaddicts.com website. Good site for parents/siblings of those who are addicted.
  16. In memory of James E. Grill 1974-1999.
  17. George Chuvalo- Canadian World champion fighter who went toe to toe with Mohammed Ali for 15 rounds (Ali calls George Chuvalo the toughest fighter he's ever faced, they're friends now...). He's lost three sons to heroin and somehow still manages to find the strength to go into schools and talk to kids about drugs. 12/99.  Also, see this article CHUVALO DELIVERS KNOCKOUT TO DRUG USE.  April 00 visit to Castlegar and his 04 May 2000 visit to Queens Mary School in St.  Catharine's. Sep 2000  LaSalle Secondary School And a dumb response from someone who criticizes his efforts!
  18.  Ian James Eaccarino's tragic story. He died of heroin in 1996. His parents have started a program called Courage to Speak. As of November 01, they have talked to over 75,000 kids and parents in the Northeast about their son. Contact is Virginia Katz at 22 Alden Ave, Norwalk CT 06855. Please check out their web page for more information. Ginger was awarded  the Woman of the year 2000 by the Connecticut Post. Here's her courageous story. 
  19. Keith L Wagner, age 15, Inhalant's Kill!  My name is Margaret.  Help me save one life!   (posted here 1/31/00). Keith's Mom testifies in NJ. Huffing laws become much tougher thanks to her efforts.
  20. Memorial to Lisa Suzanne Flores10/14/1975 - 08/27/1998 Great site and Memorial. (posted here 1/31/00)
  21. Memorial to Jason Anthony Barganier who after taking LSD and being left alone during a "Bad Trip" dove out a window to his death. 2/11/00
  22. Look up Cheryl Dean. Cheryl didn't die but she can't walk, talk, move legs arms or hands is blind and on a feeding tube. Cheryl is being shuttled between a nursing home and a hospital due to her frequent bouts with pnemonia.  Please tell my story. Connie Schenectady, New York 2-16-00. updated 1/02
  23. Thu, 23 Mar 2000 US CA: 'Huffing' His Life Away Sixth-grader Tyler James Pinnick, 12, died Saturday night after passing out at his great-grandmother's house from huffing, or inhaling the strong chemicals in aerosol cans for a quick high.
  24. Guy Tremain death to heroin. His memorial as well as an excellent site for all those affected by drugs. march 30,2000
  25. Patrick J Dubee died Dec. 26th 1998 due to a heroin overdose. (posted 11/1/00)
  26. Tom Spragg died on Nov 7, 1998 after five years of sobriety. (posted 11/16/00)
  27. Byung Soo Kim died from an alcohol overdose celebrating his 21st birthday. November 13, 2000. Michigan Daily Second article too
  28. 18 year old Robert Anthony died from inhaling gas fumes. FEBRUARY 3, 1995. Nice memorial site posted here 12/3/2000.
  29. Here's a link to a site operated by The Higher Education Center which gives updates on injury and death reports of college students. Should be a real eye-opener for those who think it can't happen to me.
  30. Christina's Anti-Drug Celebrity Site, The reason why I decided to focus on celebrities was because people tend to familiarize themselves more with more recognizable faces. (2/10/01)
  31. Memorial site for Timothy L who died from a methamphetamine overdose. 
  32. Oxycontin kills A memorial/warning site in the memory of Eddie Bisch on this new scourge. It's a prescription drug pushed by a commercial drug company. Why do we allow this crap to happen? A link to a note on how to possibly stop it. 
  33. A memorial to Joshua who died from a Darvon overdose after years of sobriety. (posted here 4/24/01
  34. Ca State Sen. Liz Figueroa of Fremont speaks to legislators about losing two brothers to heroin addiction during debate on
    drug treatments. Thu, 07 Jun 2001
  35. Jenny Whitberger died 1994 of a heroin overdose. Here parents have set-up a website in memory of her. They also are very active in fighting back against this scourge. See Jenny's Place at www.jennysjourney.org
  36. Sat, 21 Jul 2001, Dads and Mad Moms Against Drug Dealers - which accepts
    anonymous  tips over the Internet to help law enforcement get drug dealers off the 
    streets at http://www.dammadd.org/- In memory of 19-year- old Stevie Steiner.
  37. Friends website. A memorial to those who died from drugs 7/01

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