It took 4 days before we could have the service for Zorrian. The service was an unusual one but heart warming. Karina.

This is a letter I wrote on the plane returning home after learning of Zorrian's death. I was unsure of wether to read this at the service or not. I didn't show it to Karina as she was already upset enough. Anyway I did read it at the service and I'm glad I did.

Dear Karina March 8, 1997

There are no words that could ever express my sorrow. Zorrian is so special and it's so important that we remember him for what he gave us.

He gave us true love. He reminded us of how precious life really is. Life is so short and most don't realize this till it's too late. Let us be sure to enshrine in our memories the joy that Zorrian gave us. The little smiles, the wondrous awe of a world so bright and intriguing, the incredible and complete helplessness of one so dependent on us for every need, the cries that riveted our attention, skin so soft and tender, the miniature features of a man yet to be. He gave us so much and so much more that could have been.

These tragedies, so mindless...those that always happen to someone else...come home to tear our hearts outside us. Lay bare our souls to wonder why Lord?...why us? There is no rhyme or reason but we must be strong in remembrance of a brave young Zorrian Kassidy and let this terrible loss forever inspire us to treat life as precious as he. Only then will time heal the wounds that cut so deep in to us.

But now we grieve as only those who have lost a love one will ever know..such a terrible, terrible loss.


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