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Some pictures from Tommy's past

Tommy's nephew-Zorrian Kassidy Jones-a short life that touched so many souls

Karina's New baby Lenora Rosalee Sapphire Jones. Click here for article
Melody's sweet note about Tommy and Billy 3_99
Tommy's thoughs from rehab-Hope ValleyTommy's last day at Hope Valley 8/97
Here's a Suicide link. When Tommy was in the throes of his addiction he often mentioned suicide as a way out. For me it was like.."God, what do I do!!" Obviously that added to the urgency of getting him to treatment. Sometimes I wonder about the day he died if that was intentional. He had stolen $500 from his mother. More than enough to OD. Still, there is an  effect called the "kindling" process where if you don't use H for awhile and start back using the same amounts it will kill you. Anyway, there are alot of suicide's that are drug related and don't show up as such on a death report. Probably the most graphic is this one about two junkies who hang themselves from a Portland bridge. I could never fathom the utter despair that must have consumed them. But you know what? There's still more people using H now than then!! Why don't people learn?
Where I think tommy's at(I can't say "dead" anymore. I know his spirit has moved on!). Here's a link to grief that I've been accumulating. Not bad reading even if you haven't lost a loved one!

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